yield curve and corporate bonds

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question 1 )
in chapter 6 we talked about the yield curve which is the relationship between interest rates and time to maturity. in this chapter we expand the discussion to corporate bonds. is the yield structure on corporate bonds following the patten of treasury bonds - i.e. are rates at historically low levels? have these rates had any discernible effect on corporate investing/spending?

question 2)
a company's bonds have a maturity of 8 years with a $1000 face value, a 6% semiannual coupon and are callable in 4 years at $1,080, and currently sell at $1,130. what are their nominal yield to maturity and their nominal yield to call? what return should investors expect to earn on these bonds? please use four decimals.

question 3)
a 5 year treasury bond has a 3.4% yield. a 10 year treasury bond yields 4.5%, and a 10 year corporate bond yields 9.7%. the market expects that inflation will average 2.6% over the next 10 years. assume there is no maturity risk premium. assume the annual real risk-free rate will remain constant over the next 10 years. a 5 year corporate bond has the same default risk premium and liquidity risk premium as the 10 year corporate bond described. what is the yield on the 5 year corporate bond ? (risk-free rate ); 5-year inflation premium ;drp & lp

question 4)
world, inc. has bonds outstanding with 7 years left to maturity. the bonds have a 6% annual coupon rate and were issued a year ago at their par value of $1,000. the interest rates have shifted and the bond's market price has fallen to 922.80. the capital gains yield last year was -9.65%.
what is the yield to maturity?
for the coming year, what are the expected current yield ( annual coupon price divided by the current price) and capital gains yield (difference between ytm and current yield)?
will the actual realized yields be equal to the expected yields if interest rates change? if not, how will they differ?
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