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you did a problem for me and assured me that you infact were familiar with government and fund accoutning. you did not know what you were doing. you said you were familiar with the terms that needed to known in order to do the accounts correctly. and you did not. why would you say you knew how to do something when you do not. i am going to dispute this, i approved your invoice because i was going to be out of town for the weekend and did not want you to go unpaid for that many days, but you should not have been paid. you did a statement of revenues, expenditures, and changes with out even recording the expenditures. you did not dot he closing entries correct, you should have you used accounts like appropriations control, and encumbrance control, and it gave you a 500 starting pont for encumbrance control, and there were 2 entries that affected that account so when you were done it should not be the same number. do you get that? do you lie to all these people???? you can try to fix what i am talking about, and go back to your sent items that you sent me and see if you can figure it out, and if you do so within the next 3 hours i will not dispute, but if you dont i will and i will make sure i get moeny back for being mislead. and i do allot of business on here, and ifyou do not try to fix it, i will never use you and also tell others that i know not to. so you ahve 3 hours let me know if you are going to. and you could google general fund journal entries, and get more information that you had, you can also google closing general fund journal entires. there will be no more money paid though, it made me select an amount. but what i want here is for you to fix what you did not do right in the first place, and seriously in the future read the work before you bid and reassure the seller you can do it.
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