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  • Fixed Price: $10 to $20
    Posted: 5 hours ago
    Bids: 17
    Write a research paper in APA format from among the subjects listed below. Integrate what you have learned from the course resources (.e.g. Textbook Readings, Discussion Board Posts, Chapter Presentations) into your document. As you consider the topic for your research paper, try and narrow the subject down to a manageable...
  • Fixed Price: $7 to $10
    Posted: 6 days ago
    Bids: 2
    Part 1: answer in 75 to 150 words please Developing a Strategy ENOX is a small engineering firm that has developed a new technology to reduce emissions from diesel engines. Enox Case 1. Outline a 5-year strategic plan for ENOX. 2. Consider resources needed to implement the plan. 3. How could ENOX obtain these resources? Part...