Question: Promotional Products produces commercial banner flags in a two department operation

Promotional Products produces commercial banner flags in a two-department operation: Department 1 is labor intensive and Department 2 is automated. The average output of Department 1 is 45 units per hour. Units from Department 1 are transferred to Department 2 to be completed by a robot. The robot can finish a maximum of 45 units per hour. The company needs to complete 180 units this afternoon for an order that has been backlogged for four months. The production manager has informed the people in Department 1 that they are to work on nothing else except this order from 1: 00 P. M. until 5: 00 P.M. The supervisor in Department 2 has scheduled the same times for the robot to work on the order. Department 1’s activity for each hour of the afternoon is as follows:

Each unit moves directly from Department 1 to Department 2 with no lag time. Did Promotional Products complete the 180 units by 5: 00 P.M.? If not, explain and provide detailedcomputations.

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