Provide the necessary punctuation in the following sentences Note that
Provide the necessary punctuation in the following sentences.
Note that not every box requires punctuation.
1. Office work especially at your desk can create back shoulder neck or wrist strain.
2. I searched for vacation and vacation planning on Google and Bing.
3. I suggest putting a bulletin board in the rear hallway and posting all the interviewer s photos on it.
4. Analyzing audiences is the same for marketing and writing you have to identify who the audiences are understand how to motivate them and choose the best channel to reach them.
5. The more you know about your audience who they are what they buy where they shop the more relevant and effective you can make your ad.
6. The city already has five two hundred bed hospitals.
7. Students run the whole organization and are advised by a board of directors from the community.
8. The company is working on three team related issues interaction leadership and team size.
9. I would be interested in working on the committee however I have decided to do less community work so that I have more time to spend with my family.
10. You can create you own future says Frank Montaño You have to think about it crystallize it in writing and be willing to work at it We teach a lot of goal setting and planning in our training sessions

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