Purpose: To help familiarize you with the financial reporting of a real company to further your understanding of the chapter material you are learning.
Each chapter will have a financial statement case that will focus on material contained in that chapter. You will be asked questions and you will then refer to My Accounting Lab where you will find the Bombardier Annual Report, Year Ended January 31, 2011. Bombardier Inc. is a Canadian company that operates in the aerospace and rail transportation industries. In aerospace, the company designs and manufactures aircraft and provides support services to the business and commercial sectors. In rail transportation, Bombardier manufactures and sells rail cars in addition to systems and support services. Use the annual report to answer these questions. As you progress through each chapter, you will gain a real understanding of actual corporate financial reporting in addition to the basic accounting concepts you are learning within each textbook chapter. This added learning experience will further reinforce your understanding of accounting.
1. What was the total amount of assets Bombardier reported as of January 31, 2011? Did the total assets increase or decrease from January 31, 2010?
2. What was the total amount of revenues Bombardier reported for the year ended January 31, 2011? Did the revenues increase or decrease from the previous years presented?
3. What was the total cash flow provided from operating activities reported for Bombardier? Did this increase or decrease from January 31, 2010?

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