Question: Q1 Highly liquid investments with maturities of 3 months or less

Q1. Highly-liquid investments with maturities of 3 months or less are classified as (__________________ / short-term investments / long-term investments) and investments with maturities of greater than 3 months but less than one year are classified as (cash and cash equivalents / __________________ / long-term investments).
The definition of cash equivalents is reported (on the balance sheet / on the income statement / __________________).
Q2. For Oracle, cash and cash equivalents plus short-term investments total ________ million on 5/31/11 that is _______ of total assets, which seems like a (________ / low) percentage.
Q3. One measure of cash flow adequacy is (_________ / the debt ratio / return on sales), which is the amount of cash available from operations after paying for planned investments in property, plant, and equipment and dividends.
Q4. Can a company ever have too much cash? (_______ / No) Why?
Too little cash? (________/ No) Why?

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