Question: Q1 Identify the accounting equation amounts for Pepsi Co Corporation

Q1. Identify the accounting equation amounts for Pepsi Co Corporation using the information above.
Q2. Assets can either be financed with _______________ or _______________.
Q3. Will the accounting equation hold true for every corporation? (_____ / No / can’t tell) Why?
Q4. Pepsi Co is primarily financed with (_________ / stockholders’ equity). How can you tell?
Q5. Circle whether the account is classified as an (A)sset, (L)iability, or part of Stockholders’ Equity (SE) on the balance sheet.
a. Cash (A / L / SE)
b. Accounts payable (A / L / SE)
c. Accounts receivable (A / L / SE)
d. Land (A / L / SE)
e. Common stock (A / L / SE)
f. Equipment (A / L / SE)
g. Notes payable (A / L / SE)
h. Building (A / L / SE)
i. Retained earnings (A / L / SE)
j. Inventory (A / L / SE)
k. Mortgage payable (A / L / SE)
l. Bonds payable (A / L / SE)
Q6. Use PepsiCo’s balance sheet on the previous page to answer the following questions:
a. What amount of cash does this company expect to receive from customers within the next few months?
b. The largest asset account is ____________________________ reporting __________ million.
What types of asset costs are included in this account?
c. How much does this company currently owe suppliers? ____________ million
d. Since the company started business, what is the total amount shareholders have paid for their shares of stock? __________ million
e. Since the company started business, how much net income was earned and not yet distributed as dividends? ___________ million

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