Question: Quantum Computers produces and sells laptop computers The company is

Quantum Computers produces and sells laptop computers. The company is currently deciding whether to continue concentrating on the laptop computer market or to expand by entering the highly competitive e-reader market. Most of the management staff has been with Quantum for a long time. Michael Mitchem, Quantum’s president, wants his management staff to assist him in Quantum’s strategic planning process. Mitchem has scheduled a three-day offsite meeting for the management staff to join together for the company’s strategic planning process.

A. What functional areas should be discussed during the strategic planning process?
B. Identify at least six factors to be considered in a thorough strategic planning process that will move a company such as Quantum to another level of product development.
C. Identify at least three benefits that Quantum can derive from a participatory strategic planning process.
D. Discuss the expected behavior of the managers at Quantum who participate in the three-day offsite strategic planning meeting.

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