Question: Radiah Givens was involved romantically with Joseph Rosenzweig She moved

Radiah Givens was involved romantically with Joseph Rosenzweig. She moved into an apartment on which he made the down payment. She signed the mortgage, but he made the payments and paid household expenses. They later married. She had their marriage annulled, however, when she learned that he was married to someone else. Rosenzweig then filed a suit against her to collect on the mortgage.
(a) The first group should decide whether Rosenzweig committed fraud.
(b) The second group should evaluate whether Rosenzweig’s conduct was deceitful, and if so, whether his deceitfulness should affect the decision in this case.
(c) The third group should consider how fraud is related to ethics. Can a contracting party act ethically and still commit fraud? How?

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