Question: Ray Steen recently started a business During the first few

Ray Steen recently started a business. During the first few days of operation, Mr. Steen transferred $100,000 from his personal account into a business account for a company he named Steen Enterprises. Steen Enterprises borrowed $60,000 from First Bank. Mr. Steen's father-in- law, Stan Rhoades, invested $75,000 into the business for which he received a 25 percent owner- ship interest. Steen Enterprises purchased a building from Zoro Realty Company. The building cost $150,000 cash. Steen Enterprises earned $56,000 in revenue from the company's customers and paid its employees $31,000 for salaries expense.

Identify the entities that were mentioned in the scenario and explain what happened to the cash accounts of each entity that you identify.

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