Question: Rayloc rebuilds automotive components Its main facility has a work

Rayloc rebuilds automotive components. Its main facility has a work cell dedicated to rebuilding fuel pumps. The tasks, times, and predecessor relationships are as follows:

a. Draw a precedence diagram for the tasks. Rayloc would like the cell to be able to handle 100 pumps a day. What is the takt time? What is the theoretical minimum number of workstations needed?
b. Develop workstation assignments using the "largest eligible task" rule.
c. How many workstations does your solution re quire? What is the cycle time for the line? What is the idle time? What is the percent idle time?
d. Suppose Rayloc would like to double the output to 200 pumps a day. Is this possible, given the tasks listed above? Explain why or why not.

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