Question: Reacting to a skeptical reader who doubts that so called wine

Reacting to a skeptical reader who doubts that so-called wine connoisseurs can really tell the difference between cheap and expensive wines, the dining editor of a city newspaper sets up a test in which each of five connoisseurs is asked to taste three unidentified wines, then rate each one on a scale of 1 (“poor”) to 10 (“excellent”). Unknown to the raters, wine 1 is $1.50 per gallon Elderberry, wine 2 is $8 per liter Rhine, and wine 3 is $35 per liter Cabernet Sauvignon. Their ratings are in file XR14083. Considering the wine categories as “treatments” and the tasters as “blocks,” and using the 0.05 level of significance, advise the dining editor as to how to respond to this reader when he writes his next column dealing with wine. Identify and interpret the p-value for the test.

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