Recall from Chapter 2 that the HyTex Company is a direct marketer of technical products and that the file Catalog Marketing.xlsx contains recent data on 1000 HyTex customers. To understand these customers, first recode Salary and Amount Spent as indicated in part a, and then create each of the requested crosstabs and an associated column chart in parts b to e. Express each count as a percentage, so that for any value of the first variable listed, the percentages add to 100%. Do any patterns stand out?
a. Find the first, second, and third quartiles of Salary, and then recode Salary as 1 to 4, depending on which quarter of the data each value falls into. For example, the first salary, $16,400, is recoded as 1 because $16,400 is less than the first quartile, $29,975. Recode Amount Spent similarly, based on its quartiles.
b. Age versus the recoded Amount Spent
c. Own Home versus the recoded Amount Spent
d. History versus the recoded Amount Spent
e. The recoded Salary versus the recoded Amount Spent

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