Question: Recall that in exercise 39 the admissions officer for Clearwater

Recall that in exercise 39, the admissions officer for Clearwater College developed the following estimated regression equation relating final college GPA to the student’s SAT mathematics score and high-school GPA.
y = – 1.41 + .0235x1 + .00486x2
x1 = high-school grade point average
x2 = SAT mathematics score
y = final college grade point average
A portion of the Minitab computer output follows.

a. Complete the missing entries in this output.
b. Use the F test and a .05 level of significance to see whether a significant relationship is present.
c. Use the t test and α = .05 to test H0: β1 = 0 and H0: β2 =0.
d. Did the estimated regression equation provide a good fit to the data?Explain.

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