Question: Recent years have brought an explosive growth in electronic communication

Recent years have brought an explosive growth in electronic communication. Laptops, net books, e-readers, personal digital assistants, sophisticated cell phones, fax machines, e-mail, teleconferencing, office productivity software, and sophisticated management information systems have changed the way information is received, processed, and transmitted. With the decreasing costs of computer equipment and the increasing power of automation, the full impact of computerization has yet to be felt. Although the development of computer applications is directed at being user friendly or user oriented, the integration of computers into the organization has had both positive and negative effects on employees.
a. Describe the benefits companies and employees receive from electronic communications.
b. Discuss the organizational impact of introducing new electronic communication systems.
c. Explain
1. Why an employee might resist the introduction of electronic communication systems
2. The steps an organization can take to alleviate this resistance.

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