Question: Recently Ashland MultiComm Services has been criticized for its inadequate

Recently, Ashland MultiComm Services has been criticized for its inadequate customer service in responding to questions and problems about its telephone, cable television, and Internet services. Senior management has established a task force charged with the business objective of improving customer service. In response to this charge, the task force collected data about the types of customer service errors, the cost of customer service errors, and the cost of wrong billing errors.
1. Review these data (stored in AMS2- 1). Identify the variables that are important in describing the customer ser-vice problems. For each variable you identify, construct the graphical representation you think is most appropriate and explain your choice. Also, suggest what other in-formation concerning the different types of errors would be useful to examine. Offer possible courses of action for either the task force or management to take that would support the goal of improving customer service.
2. As a follow- up activity, the task force decides to collect data to study the pattern of calls to the help desk (stored in AMS2- 2). Analyze these data and present your conclusions in a report.

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