Question: Reconsider the traveling salesman problem shown in Prob 14 1 1 Using

Reconsider the traveling salesman problem shown in Prob. 14.1-1. Using 1-2-3-4-5-1 as the initial trial solution, you are to follow the instructions below for applying the basic simulated annealing algorithm presented in Sec. 14.3 to this problem.
(a) Perform the first iteration by hand. Follow the instructions given at the beginning of the Problems section to obtain the needed random numbers. Show your work, including the use of the random numbers.
(b) Use your IOR Tutorial to apply this algorithm. Observe the progress of the algorithm and record for each iteration how many (if any) candidates to be the next trial solution are rejected before one is accepted. Also count the number of iterations where a nonimproving move is accepted.

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