Record the following capital related transactions for Private University plant funds 1
Record the following capital-related transactions for Private University plant funds:
1. Transfers of $250,000 are received from the current unrestricted fund for the purpose of funding the payment of existing debt principal ($50,000) and building an addition to the science building ($200,000).
2. Contributions of $30,000 restricted for major repairs of university buildings are received. $20,000 is spent for appropriate repairs.
3. A partial payment of $50,000 is made on the debt principal.
4. Work on the science building addition is completed with a total cost of $220,000. Unpaid contract costs total $35,000.
5. New gymnasium equipment costing $25,000 is purchased from funds previously donated by a former Olympic medalist for that purpose.
6. A building with a fair value of $300,000 was donated to the university by an alumnus.
7. Depreciation on all assets totaled $75,000.
8. During a celebration after a basketball victory, $2,000 of gym equipment disappeared.
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