Record the following transactions and events of Able Agency, which occurred during the month of October 20X6:
1. Able Agency received a warrant for its fiscal 20X7 appropriation of $2,500,000.
2. The Office of Management and Budget apportioned $600,000 to Able Agency for the first quarter of the 20X7 fiscal year.
3. Able Agency’s chief executive allotted $500,000 of the first-quarter appropriation apportionment.
4. Obligations incurred during the month for equipment, materials, and program costs amounted to $128,000.
5. Goods and services ordered during the prior year—and to be charged to obligations carried over from the 20X6 fiscal year—were received:

6. Goods and services ordered during October 20X6 were received and vouchered:

7. Depreciation for the month of October was estimated at $200, chargeable to Overhead.
8. Materials issued from inventory during October were for Program A, $18,000; Program B, $7,000; and general (Overhead), $3,000.
9. Liabilities placed in line for payment by the U.S. Treasurer totaled $145,000.
10. Other accrued expenses at October 31, 20X6, not previously recorded, were Program A, $1,000; Program B, $6,000; and general (Overhead),$1,500.

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