Record the following transactions in the Building and Capital Purchases Capital Projects Fund of Blue Earth County, Montana, for the year ended December 31, 20X6.
1. Levied property taxes of $4,385,559 that are restricted for general government capital projects. Of the total amount, $150,000 is expected to be uncollectible.
2. Collected $4,135,559 before the due date for taxes. The balance of the property taxes became delinquent.
3. Issued $4,000,000 (face amount) of bonds at a premium of $33,479. Bond issue costs of $33,815 were paid.
4. Received the General Fund contribution to the building projects, $3,223,980.
5. Signed contracts on building projects totaling $9,500,000.
6. Incurred construction costs under contracts of $6,300,000.
7. Incurred and paid unencumbered construction costs of $70,242.
8. Paid contractors the amounts due less $393,060 retainage.
9. Billed grantor agencies $2,778,235 for costs reimbursable under grant awards.
10. Collected $2,000,385 from grantor agencies. Another $24,000 is expected to be collected within the first 60 days of 20X7.

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