Record the following transactions of the State of Delaware general
Record the following transactions of the State of Delaware general government activities for the year ended June 30, 20X6.
(Amounts are stated in thousands of dollars.) Make all required entries.
1. On September 1, 20X5, the state issued $132,000 (face amount) of 20-year bonds at a premium of $4,850 to finance construction of school buildings (owned by the state) across the state. Bond issue costs of $343 were paid from the proceeds.
2. The state signed construction contracts totaling $168,000.
3. The state incurred construction costs of $120,000 on the school buildings. These costs included the costs incurred on buildings completed during the year, $100,000. The remaining costs, $20,000, were incurred on projects still in progress at year end.
4. The state paid general government bond principal of $113,781 and interest of $49,037 during fiscal year 20X6.
5. The state depreciates its buildings over 40 years and takes a full year’s depreciation in the year that a capital asset is placed in service.
6. Profits in the amount of $230,000 were transferred to the General Fund from the Lottery Enterprise Fund during the year.
7. The following capital assets were purchased with General Fund resources: Land, $22,241; Vehicles, $7,670; and Equipment, $4,981. Vehicles are depreciated using a five-year useful life, and other equipment is depreciated using a four-year life.
8. The beginning balance of general government claims and judgments liabilities (all long-term) was $126,499. Claims and judgments incurred during the year totaled $562,441. Actual claim payments during the year were $556,089. None of the unpaid claims and judgments at June 30, 20X6, are due and payable.
9. The state’s annual pension cost for the fiscal year based on an acceptable actuarial computation, with appropriate adjustments for interest on the state’s Net Pension Obligation and adjustments to the actuarially required contribution is $24,623. The state contributed $20,655 to the pension trust fund during the year. None of the underpayment is due and payable at June 30, 20X6.

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