Question: Redraft the following issues in the format presented in this

Redraft the following issues in the format presented in this chapter.
Part A Can a bystander who witnesses the death of a victim from three blocks away recover for negligent infliction of emotional distress under Ohio law?
Part B Does oppressive conduct occur, according to the provisions of the Texas Corporation Code, when a majority shareholder refuses to issue dividends, triples his salary, and grants himself excessive bonuses?
Part C The issue is whether a newspaper that publishes an article indicating that Tom Smith has criminal connections has committed libel according to Florida tort law.
Part D Do law enforcement officers commit a battery when, while making a lawful arrest, they encounter resistance, use force to overcome that resistance, and continue to use force after the resistance ceases?
Ray, Mary Barnard, and Barbara J. Cox.Beyond the Basics.St. Paul, MN: West, 1991. This text presents an excellent and expanded discussion of the relevant law + legal question + key facts format recommended in this chapter.

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