Reeves worked as a transportation sales representative at a shipping company. Reeves was the only woman working on the sales floor, an open area structured into a “pod” of cubicles. Six males worked with Reeves. Reeves could often hear the language of her male coworkers as they spoke over the phone or with each other. Reeves could also hear the central office radio located in the “pod” that was used by her coworkers to listen to a crude morning show. On a daily basis at work, Reeves heard vulgar language and discussions of sexual topics, including such derogatory terms as “bitch” and “whore,” which her male coworkers used to describe customers. The male branch manager once asked Reeves to speak to “that stupid bitch on line 4.” Reeves brings a Title VII. sexual harassment claim against her employer. Decide the case. Explain.

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