Refer to Applied Example 9 14 a State the Polish statisticians
Refer to Applied Example 9.14.
a. State the Polish statisticians’ hypothesis.
b. Is their hypothesis the null or alternative hypothesis? Explain.
c. State the null hypothesis. State the alternative hypothesis.
d. Explain the meaning of, “6.2 percent on either side of 50 percent.”
e. What statistical term does the phrase, “would be expected in only about 7 of every 100 experiments with a fair coin” represent? Express it using symbols.
f. If the null hypothesis is tested using a = 0.05 what decision and conclusion is reached using the results obtained by the students?
g. When New Scientist carried out its own experiment, what value did it obtain for the observed probability of heads?
h. Does New Scientist have evidence that the coin is biased? Explain.
i. Should we be upset by the fact that the results obtained by Gliszczynski’s students and the New Scientist results are quite different but lead to the same conclusion? Explain.
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