Question: Refer to Campbell Soup Company s financial statements in Appendix A

Refer to Campbell Soup Company’s financial statements in Appendix A.
Liquidity ratios:... Asset utilization ratios:*
a. Current ratio.. n. Cash turnover
b. Acid-test ratio. o. Accounts receivable turnover
c. Days to sell inventory.. p. Inventory turnover
d. Collection period. q. Working capital turnover
Capital structure and solvency ratios: r. Fixed assets turnover
e. Total debt to total equity... s. Total assets turnover
f. Long-term debt to equity.. Market measures (Campbell’s stock price per share is
g. Times interest earned.. $46.73 for Year 11):
Return on investment ratios: .. t. Price-to-earnings ratio
h. Return on total assets.. u. Earnings yield
i. Return on common equity.. v. Dividend yield
Operating performance ratios: .. w. Dividend payout rate
j. Gross profit margin ratio.. x. Price-to-book ratio
k. Operating profit margin ratio
l. Pretax profit margin ratio
m. Net profit margin ratio

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