Question: Refer to Cornerstone Exercise 7 10 Round percentages to four significant

Refer to Cornerstone Exercise 7.10. (Round percentages to four significant digits and cost allocations to the nearest dollar.)
In Exercise A company manufactures three products, L-Ten, Triol, and Pioze, from a joint process. Each production run costs $12,900. None of the products can be sold at split-off, but must be processed further. Information on one batch of the three products is as follows:
1. Calculate the total revenue, total costs, and total gross profit the company will earn on the sale of L-Ten, Triol, and Pioze.
2. Allocate the joint cost to L-Ten, Triol, and Pioze using the constant gross margin percentage method.
3. What if it cost $2 to process each gallon of Triol beyond the split-off point? How would that affect the allocation of joint cost to these three products?

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