Question: Refer to E1 1 Suppose that after a thorough investigation Books

Refer to E1-1. Suppose that, after a thorough investigation, Books on Wheels decided to go forward with the new product aimed at university students. The product, The Campus Cart, has gone into production, and the first units have already been delivered to campuses across the country.

Match each of the following steps that took place as Books on Wheels moved through the decision making, production, marketing, and sale of The Campus Cart with the correct phase of the management process: planning/organizing, directing/leading, and controlling.
1. Identifying five college campuses to serve as test markets.
2. Setting the goal of $1 million in annual sales by the year 2015.
3. Hiring workers for the manufacturing facility.
4. Overseeing the production and shipment of The Campus Cart.
5. Preparing one-, three-, and five-year budgets that detail the necessary resources and costs that will be incurred to meet the projected sales forecasts.
6. Deciding which new markets to expand into based on the first year’s sales results.
7. Implementing a bonus system to reward employees for meeting sales and production goals.
8. Deciding to spend more advertising dollars in regions where sales were slower than expected.

sA. Planning/Organizing
B. Directing/Leading
C. Controlling

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