Question: Refer to Exercise 10 95 Suppose Gamma Corporation decides to test

Refer to Exercise 10.95. Suppose Gamma Corporation decides to test governors on seven cars. However, the management is afraid that the speed limit imposed by the governors will reduce the number of contacts the salespersons can make each day. Thus, both the fuel consumption and the number of contacts made are recorded for each car/salesperson for each week of the testing period, both before and after the installation of governors.
Suppose that as a statistical analyst with the company, you are directed to prepare a brief report that includes statistical analysis and interpretation of the data. Management will use your report to help decide whether or not to install governors on all salespersons’ cars. Use 90% confidence intervals and .05 significance levels for any hypothesis tests to make suggestions. Assume that the differences in fuel consumption and the differences in the number of contacts are both normally distributed.

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