Question: Refer to Exercise 11 26 a Find the margin of error

Refer to Exercise 11.26.
a. Find the margin of error for the estimate of p.
b. Obtain a sample size that will ensure a margin of error of at most 0.02 for a 95% confidence interval without making a guess for the observed value of pˆ.
c. Find a 95% confidence interval for p if, for a sample of the size determined in part (b), 63% of those sampled drink alcoholic beverages.
d. Determine the margin of error for the estimate in part (c) and compare it to the margin of error specified in part (b).
e. Repeat parts (b)–(d) if you can reasonably presume that the percentage of adults sampled who drink alcoholic beverages will be at least 60%.
f. Compare the results you obtained in parts (b)–(d) with those obtained in part (e).

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