Question: Refer to Exercise 11 92 and find and interpret a 98

Refer to Exercise 11.92 and find and interpret a 98% confidence interval for the difference between the percentages of women and men who favor ballistic fingerprinting.
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Guns make unique markings on bullets they fire and their shell casings. These markings are called ballistic fingerprints. An ABCNEWS Poll examined the opinions of Americans on the enactment of a law “._______._______. that would require every gun sold in the United States to be test-fired first, so law enforcement would have its fingerprint in case it were ever used in a crime.” The following problem is based on the results of that poll. Independent simple random samples were taken of 537 women and 495 men. When asked whether they support a ballistic fingerprinting law, 446 of the women and 307 of the men said “yes.” At the 1% significance level, do the data provide sufficient evidence to conclude that women tend to favor ballistic fingerprinting more than men?

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