Question: Refer to Exercise 12 Here is another of the results

Refer to Exercise 12. Here is another of the results reported by Siegel: “ For subjects without a pet, having an above- average number of stressful life events resulted in about two more doctor contacts during the study year (10.37 vs. 8.38, p < .005). In contrast, the number of stressful life events was not significantly related to doctor visits among subjects with a pet” (1993, p. 164).
a. State the null and alternative hypotheses Siegel is testing in this passage. Notice that two tests are being performed; be sure to cover both.
b. Pretend you are a news reporter, and write a short story describing the results reported in this exercise. Be sure you do not convey any misleading information. You are writing for a general audience, so do not use statistical jargon that would be unfamiliar to them.

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