Question: Refer to Exercise 18 18 Run an analysis of variance for

Refer to Exercise 18.18. Run an analysis of variance for a three-period crossover design. Does your analysis confirm the intuition you expressed in Exercise 18.18? Use a 5.05.
In Exercise 18.18
Many of us have been exposed to advertising related to the “bioavailability” of generic and brand- name formulations of the same drug product. One way to compare the bioavailability of two formulations of a drug product is to compare areas under the concentration curve (AUC) for subjects treated with both formulations. For example, the shaded area in the figure represents the AUC for a patient treated with a single dose of a drug.
A three- period crossover design was used to compare the bioavailability of two brand name (A1 and A2) and one generic version (A3) of weight-reducing agents. Three sequences of administering the drugs were used in the study:
Sequence 1: A1, A2, A3
Sequence 2: A2, A3, A1
Sequence 3: A3, A1, A2 A random sample of five subjects was assigned to each of the three sequences. The AUCs for these 15 patients are shown here.
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