Question: Refer to Exercise 18 36 In Exercise 18 36 Sodium nitrate a preservative that

Refer to Exercise 18.36.
In Exercise 18.36
Sodium nitrate, a preservative that is used in some processed meats, such as bacon, jerky, and luncheon meats, could increase your heart disease risk. A consumer protection organization is evaluating the level of sodium nitrate (NaNO2) from sausages obtained from the three largest food processors—P1, P2, and P3—in the United States. Each manufacturer produces three grades of quality for their sausage—Q1, Q2, and Q3. The processing of different grades of sausage from a common production run may involve different sources of raw materials and processing environments, and these factors sometimes are problematic. Each food processor submits two sausages of each grade from each of three production runs. The amount of NaNO2 is determined and is reported in the following table. The three food processors are the only processors under evaluation, the production runs were randomly selected and are representative of general production runs of each food processor.
a. Estimate the size of the variance associated with each of the random factors in the study.
b. Provide the proportions of the total variation associated with each of the sources of random variation in the study.
c. Is the amount of variation in the quantity of NaNO2 across the runs consistent for the three quality levels?
In Exercises 18.39–18.42, describe the experimental situations by provide the following information:
1. Identify the type of randomization (completely randomized design, randomized complete block design, Latin square design, split-plot, crossover, etc.).
2. Identify the type of treatment structure (single factor, crossed factors, nested factors, fractional, etc.).
3. Identify each of the factors as being fixed or random.
4. Describe the experimental units and measurement units.
5. Describe the measurement process: response variable, covariates, sub sampling, and repeated measures.
6. Provide a partial AOV table containing just sources of variation and degrees of freedom. Health

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