Refer to Exercise 18 9 An important question of interest to
Refer to Exercise 18.9. An important question of interest to the researchers is how long after the first dose there is evidence of antihistamine activity. Perform a multiple-comparison procedure to determine the first time at which there is significant evidence of a difference in the mean percentage inhibitions.
In Exercise 18.9
An antihistamine is frequently studied using a model to examine its effectiveness (compared to a placebo) in inhibiting a positive skin reaction to a known allergen. Consider the following situation. Individuals are screened to find 20 subjects who demonstrate sensitivity to the allergen to be used in the study. The 20 subjects are then randomly assigned to one of two treatment groups (the known antihistamine and an identical- appearing placebo), with 10 subjects per group. At the start of the study, a baseline (predrug) sensitivity reading is obtained, and then each patient begins taking the assigned medication for 3 days. Skin sensitivity readings are taken at 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8 hours following the first dose. The percentage inhibition of skin sensitivity reaction (reduction in swelling of the area where the allergen is applied compared to the baseline) is shown here for each of the 20 patients.
(A negative value means there was an increase in swelling compared to the baseline.)
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