Refer to Exercise 19 28 Suppose that inspector 2 was unable
Refer to Exercise 19.28. Suppose that inspector 2 was unable to evaluate the second car from assembly line 4 and that inspector 1 missed car 1 from assembly line 3.
In Exercise 19.28
A foreign automobile manufacturer is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to construct a large manufacturing plant (about 70 acres under one roof) here in the United States. One of its objectives is to produce cars of high quality in the United States using U.S. workers. One part of the massive orientation program for new employees is to send about 20% of them to the home country for additional training. One measure of the worth of this additional training is whether the product quality is better on assembly lines where 20% of the employees have had the homeland orientation and have been able to share it with their fellow employees. Data from six assembly lines (three with the additional orientation) are shown here. To measure defects, two different inspectors examined each of two cars chosen at random from each of the assembly lines. Use these data to answer the following questions.
a. Does the model change?
b. Suggest a method for analyzing the data.
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