Refer to Exercise 3.99.
In exercise
Chebychev’s rule also permits you to make pertinent statements about a data set when only its mean and standard deviation are known. Here is an example of that use of Chebychev’s rule. Information Today, Inc. publishes information on costs of new books in The Bowker Annual Library and Book Trade Almanac. A sample of 40 sociology books has a mean cost of $106.75 and a standard deviation of $10.42. Use this information and the two aforementioned special cases of Chebychev’s rule to complete the following statements.
Assuming that the distribution of costs for the 40 sociology books is approximately bell shaped, apply the empirical rule to complete the following statements, and compare your answers to those obtained in Exercise 3.99, where Chebychev's rule was used.
a. Approximately 38 of the 40 sociology books cost between ______and ______.
b. Approximately of the 40 sociology books cost between $75.49 and $138.01.

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