Question: Refer to Exercise 4 48 A 2010 2011 poll conducted by Gallup

Refer to Exercise 4.48. A 2010–2011 poll conducted by Gallup ( Emotional-Health-Higher-Among-Older-Americans.aspx) examined the emotional health of a large number of Americans. Among other things, Gallup reported on whether people had Emotional Health Index scores of 90 or higher, which would classify them as being emotionally well-off. The report was based on a survey of 65,528 people in the age group 35–44 years and 91,802 people in the age group 65–74 years. The following table gives the results of the survey, converting percentages to frequencies.
a. Suppose that one person is selected at random from this sample of 157,330 Americans. Find the following probabilities.
i. P(35–44 age group and emotionally not well–off )
ii. P(emotionally well–off and 65–74 age group)
b. Find the joint probability of the events 35–44 age group and 65–74 age group. Is this probability zero? Explain why or why not.

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