Question: Refer to Exercise 4 80 What size facility should be built

Refer to Exercise 4.80. What size facility should be built so the probability of the patient load’s exceeding the clinic capacity is .10? .30?
In exercise
Federal resources have been tentatively approved for the construction of an outpatient clinic. In order to design a facility that will handle patient load requirements and stay within a limited budget, the designers studied patient demand. From studying a similar facility in the area, they found that the distribution of the number of patients requiring hospitalization during a week could be approximated by a normal distribution with a mean of 125 and a standard deviation of 32.
a. Use the Empirical Rule to describe the distribution of y, the number of patients requesting service in a week.
b. If the facility was built with a 160-patient capacity, what fraction of the weeks might the clinic be unable to handle the demand?

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