Question: Refer to Exercise 52 Suppose the sample size was 12

Refer to Exercise 52. Suppose the sample size was 12 rather than 200. Revise the test you set up and report your decision. Assume the population distribution is approximately normal.
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A study in the Annals of Emergency Medicine found that for emergency room patients in California hospitals the average waiting time—the elapsed time from arrival until seeing a physician— was 56 minutes (source: As part of your research at St. Luke’s Hospital in Los Angeles, you track a random sample of 200 patients. The average waiting time for patients in the sample is 60.4 minutes. The sample standard deviation is 28.6 minutes. Is this sample result sufficient to reject a null hypothesis that the average waiting time for patients at St. Luke’s is the same as the overall California average? Use a 5% significance level.

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