Refer to Exercise 5 4 and prepare the appropriate journal entries
Refer to Exercise 5-4 and prepare the appropriate journal entries for Baker Co. to record the May 5 purchase and each of the three separate transactions a through c. Baker is a retailer that uses a perpetual inventory system and purchases these units for resale.
In Exercise 5- 4, Allied Parts was organized on May 1, 2013, and made its first purchase of merchandise on May 3. The purchase was for 2,000 units at a price of $ 10 per unit. On May 5, Allied Parts sold 1,500 of the units for $ 14 per unit to Baker Co. Terms of the sale were 2/10, n/60. Prepare entries for Allied Parts to record the May 5 sale and each of the following separate transactions a through c using a perpetual inventory system.
a. On May 7, Baker returns 200 units because they did not fit the customer’s needs. Allied Parts restores the units to its inventory.
b. On May 8, Baker discovers that 300 units are damaged but are still of some use and, therefore, keeps the units. Allied Parts sends Baker a credit memorandum for $ 600 to compensate for the damage.
c. On May 15, Baker discovers that 100 units are the wrong color. Baker keeps 60 of these units because Allied Parts sends a $ 120 credit memorandum to compensate. Baker returns the remaining 40 units to Allied Parts. Allied Parts restores the 40 returned units to its inventory.

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