Question: Refer to Exercise 6 50 In exercise a Describe the populations to

Refer to Exercise 6.50.
In exercise
a. Describe the populations to which the inferences provided in Exercises 6.50–6.52 are relevant.
b. A much larger study is to be designed to further examine the effectiveness of the high-dose level of the drug. How many rats would be needed in the new study to be 90% confident that an α = .05 test would detect a reduction of 10 mm Hg by the high-dose level relative to the mean blood pressure readings of the control group? Assume that the decreases in blood pressure for the high-dose and control groups have normal distributions with standard deviations of 30 mm Hg.
c. The company producing the drug wants a precise estimate of the mean reduction in the systolic blood pressure after injection with a high dose of the drug. What sample size is needed to obtain a 99% confidence interval having width of 5 mm Hg?

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