Refer to exercise 81 where you had set up a
Refer to exercise 81, where you had set up a test to test the competing positions H0: μ < 150 applications Ha: μ > 150 applications. Suppose now you want to set up a new test for this situation. In this new test, you plan to use a significance level of .01— that is, you want no more than a 1% chance that your test would lead you to reject the null hypothesis when the null hypothesis is actually true. In addition, you want the test to have no more than a 5% risk of failing to reject the null hypothesis when the actual population mean is 160 applications per announcement. Assume that the population standard deviation estimate remains 21 applications.
a. Determine the appropriate sample size for the test.
b. According to the test, you should reject the null hypothesis for a sample average greater than ____ applications.
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