Refer to Exercise 86 Suppose Kai Tak currently has a maintenance
Refer to Exercise 86. Suppose Kai-Tak currently has a maintenance crew capable of effectively handling up to (and including) 10 malfunctions per 8-hour shift
In Exercise 86
Equipment malfunctions on the shop floor at Kai-Tak’s main manufacturing facility occur at an average rate of one per hour (otherwise, the malfunctions appear to be random and independent). Use the Poisson distribution to determine the probability of
a. How likely is it that in any particular shift, more malfunctions occur than the current crew can handle?
b. You are considering expanding and upgrading the maintenance crew. If you want to ensure that there is less than a 5% chance that the crew won’t be able to handle the malfunction load, you will need a crew that can handle up to (and including) ________ malfunctions per 8-hour shift.
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