Question: Refer to Exercise A15 5 Suppose that in addition to varying

Refer to Exercise A15.5. Suppose that in addition to varying the marketing strategy, the manufacturer also decided to advertise in one of the two media that are available: television and newspapers. As a consequence, the experiment was repeated in the following way. Six different small cities were selected. In city 1, the marketing emphasized convenience, and all the advertising was conducted on television. In city 2, marketing also emphasized convenience, but all the advertising was conducted in the daily newspaper. Quality was emphasized in cities 3 and 4. City 3 learned about the product from television commercials, and city 4 saw newspaper advertising. Price was the marketing emphasis in cities 5 and 6. City 5 saw television commercials, and city 6 saw newspaper advertisements. In each city, the weekly sales for each of 10 weeks were recorded. What conclusions can be drawn from these data?

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