Question: Refer to Exercise A 25 Suppose the physicians conducting this study

Refer to Exercise A.25. Suppose the physicians conducting this study obtained a list of all patients suffering from compulsive behavior who were being treated by doctors in all hospitals in the country. Further assume that this list is representative of the population of all such patients. The physicians then randomly selected 1820 patients from this list. Of these 1820, a randomly selected group of 910 patients were assigned to the treatment group, and the remaining 910 patients were assigned to the control group. The patients did not know which group they belonged to, but the doctors had access to such information. Six months later the conditions of the patients in the two groups were examined and compared. Based on this comparison, the physicians concluded that this medicine improves the condition of patients suffering from compulsive behavior.
a. Comment on this study and its conclusion.
b. Is this an observational study or a designed experiment? Explain.
c. Is this a double-blind study? Explain.

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