Question: Refer to Fortune Oct 16 2008 magazine s study of the

Refer to Fortune (Oct. 16, 2008) magazine’s study of the 50 most powerful women in business in America, Exercise
Recall that data on age (in years) and title of each of these 50 women are stored in the WPOWER50 file. Suppose you want to compare the average ages of the most powerful American women in three groups based on their position (title) within the firm: Group 1 (CEO, CEO/Chairman, or CEO/President), Group 2 (Chairman, President, COO, or COO/President), and Group 3 (Director, EVP, EVP/COO, EVP/President, Executive, SVP, or VP).
a. Give the null and alternative hypotheses to be tested.
b. An SPSS analysis-of-variance printout for the test you stated in part a is shown above. The sample means for the 3 groups appear at the bottom of the printout.
Why is it insufficient to make a decision about the null hypothesis based solely on these sample means?
c. Locate the test statistic and p-value on the printout. Use this information to make the appropriate conclusion at α = .10.
d. Use the data in the WPOWER50 file to determine whether the ANOVA assumptions are reasonably satisfied.

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