Question: Refer to Problem 13 7 Charlie Hustle is in charge of

Refer to Problem 13.7. Charlie Hustle is in charge of selling Ashville’s cars after they have been used 1 year. He believes that Leon’s policy costs the city money, and he presents the figures on the cars’ sales prices shown in the accompanying table. Does Charlie have an argument? On an overall basis, who will save the city the most money, Leon Tightwad or Charlie Hustle?
Problem 13.7
Ashville City Maintenance Chief Leon Tightwad wants to reduce the costs of maintaining the city automobile fleet. Knowing that city cars are kept for only 1 year, Leon feels that the city’s periodic maintenance schedule may cost more than it is worth. Leon randomly selects 75 cars out of 300 and performs no maintenance on these cars unless they break down. At the end of the year, he finds the results shown in the accompanying table. What can you tell Leon about this experiment?

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