Refer to the Academy of Management Journal (Oct. 2007) study on rudeness in the workplace, Exercise 9.26 (p. 427). Recall that 98 college students enrolled in a management course were randomly assigned to one of two experimental conditions: rudeness condition (where the students were berated by a facilitator for being irresponsible and unprofessional) and control group (no facilitator comments). Each student was asked to write down as many uses for a brick as possible in five minutes. The data, saved in the RUDE file, are reproduced below.
a. Show that although the data for the rudeness condition are approximately normally distributed, the control group data are skewed.
b. Conduct the appropriate nonparametric test (at a = .01) to determine if the true median performance level for students in the rudeness condition is lower than the true median performance level for students in the control group.
c. Explain why the parametric two-sample test conducted in Exercise 9.26 is appropriate even though the data for both groups are not normally distributed.

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