Question: Refer to the ac dc converter low pass

Refer to the ac/dc converter low-pass filter application of example 11.25. If we put the converter to use powering a calculator, the load current can be modeled by a resistor as shown in fig 11.25. The load resistor will affect both the magnitude of the dc component of Vof and the pole frequency. Plot both the pole frequency and the ratio of the 60-Hz component of the o/p voltage to the dc component of Vof versus Rl for 100ohm less than equal to Rl, which is less than equal to 100 kohm. Comment on the advisable limitations on Rl if
(a) The dc component of Vof is to remain within 20 % of its 9-v ideal value:
(b) The 60 Hz component of Vof remains less than 15% of the dc component.

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